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RaiseRite Featured for Municipal Roadway Repair

RaiseRite demonstrates how counties can save money by repairing failing concrete slabs. 

Featured at the 2011 WCHSFA (Wisconsin County Highway Superintendents and Foremens Association) Conference

RaiseRite brought a mobile demonstration of how concrete can be raised with polyurethane foam.

Holes were drilled, the foam was injected under the slab, and the slab was raised.

Raising and stabilizing low spots in streets, roadways, and highways can be completed in hours, not days or months.

Traditionally, these slabs would be torn out and replaced.  RaiseRite can quickly and efficiently repair these slabs, saving time and expenses associated with tearing out slabs.

The 2011 Conference was a great success.  Many counties saw for themselves how easy it is to repair concrete with foam, and how much money and time they can save.

RaiseRite will also be attending the 2012 Conference.  We look forward to demonstrating this revolutionary new repair method again.

The following video demonstrates how a highway low spot can be repaired with foam!

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