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A sidewalk with concrete raising equipment, used for municipal DOT concrete raising.

Let us Assist You with Concrete Foundation Repair

Homeowners or building owners

How many piers does it take to repair a bad foundation?

How do you know the number of piers to use on a foundation repair project? Spacing is often determined by the weight of the structure or the weight of the soil pressure along the foundation. Other considerations, will be the construction of the foundation (i.e. poured or block foundation). The

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Why do basement walls bow in Wisconsin?

Why do basement walls bow in Wisconsin? Most Wisconsin homes have basement walls below grade. Over time, the settling of ground, clay swelling, the plugging of drain tile, extensive rains, and plumbing leaks can cause a basement wall to bow, tilt inwards, and crack. To repair a bowed wall, the

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RaiseRite Featured for Municipal Roadway Repair

RaiseRite demonstrates how counties can save money by repairing failing concrete slabs.  Featured at the 2011 WCHSFA (Wisconsin County Highway Superintendents and Foremens Association) Conference RaiseRite brought a mobile demonstration of how concrete can be raised with polyurethane foam. Holes were drilled, the foam was injected under the slab, and

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Spring has Sprung! 2012 RaiseRite Season is OPEN

Ladies and Gentlemen, RaiseRite is proud to announce that our season is officially starting! We would like to thank Mother Nature for her cooperation in allowing us to start earlier than in past years. RaiseRite will start giving free estimates on Monday, March 12th.  Click here to request a free

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