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Foundation Settling Repair

Reliable Foundation Settling Solutions

Secure Your Home’s Stability with foundation settling repair

Unstable soil is often a geographic trend in certain areas, particularly near rivers or lakes. In our 50 years of providing concrete raising services, foundation settling repair, and waterproofing, we have identified soil-related issues as the primary cause of most foundation repairs.

Changes in soil moisture content with the seasons can cause heavily concentrated clay soil to shrink, reducing the overall support under existing structure footings. Additionally, poor soil compaction, the presence of organic materials, and overloading can contribute to the failure of structural footings. Our extensive experience and expertise in foundation settling repair allow us to address these challenges effectively, ensuring the stability and longevity of your structures. Contact us today to learn how we can help secure your property.

Let us Assist You with Concrete Foundation Repair

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foundation settling repair

foundation settling repair Signs

When the soil surrounding your home expands and contracts, it will create pressure which ultimately pushes on your homes foundation. This pressure can lead to your foundation walls becoming bowed, or otherwise being pushed in from the outside.

Common signs are:

  • Cracking of the brick or block, mostly through the mortar joints – usually shows up as a “stair-stepping” pattern in the perimeter wall joints
  • Large gaps in window and door frames
  • Multiple nail pops are appearing in ceilings and walls
  • Walls are beginning to lean noticeably
  • Floors are starting to settle and become uneven
  • Chimneys are tilting and leaning
  • Foundations are sinking
  • Cracking in the interior drywall or plaster walls and ceiling
  • Sticking doors and windows that previously worked properly
  • Sloping concrete or wood floors
  • Sagging roof-lines
  • Cracks can be seen in foundations or basement walls