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Concrete Raising

Experts in concrete raising services
for commercial and business applications.

Concrete Raising & Void Filling Solutions

RaiseRite offers expert concrete raising services for both commercial and residential properties in across Wisconsin. Our skilled team addresses uneven and sunken concrete issues, ensuring safe, smooth, and visually appealing surfaces. For residential clients, we enhance the safety and aesthetics of driveways, patios, and walkways. For commercial properties, we improve the functionality and appearance of parking lots, sidewalks, and loading docks, minimizing disruptions to business operations. With over 50 years of experience, RaiseRite delivers cost-effective, efficient solutions, allowing you to quickly resume normal activities with minimal downtime.


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A man concrete raising & foundation repair on a concrete sidewalk.

Residential Concrete Raising Solutions

Residential concrete raising can address a variety of issues around your home. Here are some common problems that our services can fix:

Eliminate trip hazards and prevent vehicle damage.

 Improve safety by leveling uneven paths.

Restore smooth, stable surfaces for outdoor activities.

Ensure a level surface for vehicles and storage.

Address settling issues to prevent further damage.

Maintain safe, even surfaces around your pool area.

Correct uneven steps to enhance safety and accessibility

Level out sunken areas for improved appearance and function.

Fix the transition area between the driveway and street to prevent damage and ensure a smooth entry.

COMMERCIAL Concrete Raising Solutions

Commercial concrete raising can address a variety of issues in business and industrial settings. Here are some common problems that our services can fix:

Eliminate potholes and uneven surfaces to improve safety and aesthetics.

Enhance pedestrian safety by leveling trip hazards.

Ensure smooth and stable surfaces for efficient loading and unloading.

Correct uneven floors to facilitate safe and efficient operations.

Maintain smooth surfaces for customer convenience and vehicle safety.

Level sunken areas to create a safe and welcoming entrance.

Repair and level surfaces to ensure safe access for vehicles.

Improve accessibility and safety for all users.

Fix uneven steps to enhance safety and compliance with regulations.

Sidewalk in front of a building, revealing final results on the ground.

Upgrade to the Deluxe Protection now!

Concrete Lifting
Lift and level your trip hazards

Power Washing
Bring life back to your dirty old concrete!

Seam Sealing
Protects the joints against water infiltration and erosion

Concrete Sealer
Protects against salt and pitting

When accepting the Deluxe Protection Package, you will receive 10% off these services when individually priced!

Four images demonstrating various methods of cleaning and repairing concrete: concrete lifting, power washing, seam sealing, and concrete sealing

Raise Rite’s innovative 3 step process

for raising and leveling concrete

Drilling through concrete with a power tool.


A man pumping concrete slab.


A person using a trowel to on concrete floor, patching a hole.


Lunch & Learn for Engineers & Contractors

If you would like to learn more about foundation solutions using helical tiebacks, we offer a lunch and learn presentation program. We will educate you on the different applications of foundation piering over lunch. We also provide a technical manual available for the different types of piers we use for foundation stabilization & repair.

A man using a drilling hole in a concrete slab.