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Concrete Raising

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Lift Uneven, Sunken Concrete Surfaces

Uneven, sunken concrete slabs can present safety issues, damage vehicle tires, and look unappealing. For 50 years we have been helping homeowners throughout Wisconsin avoid the expensive option of concrete replacement by raising and leveling their concrete instead. You can resume normal use of your surface within minutes of leveling, and depending on the size and accessibility of the work, most projects take no longer than an hour from start to finish.

We’ve helped Wisconsin homeowners avoid costly concrete replacement by expertly raising and leveling uneven slabs. Our efficient process ensures minimal downtime, with most projects completed in under an hour, allowing you to resume normal use of your surface quickly and safely.


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What types of problems can concrete raising fix?

Concrete raising is a fantastic alternative to replacing your concrete, often times saving you over 50% of the cost of replacement!

In Wisconsin especially, it’s no secret that cold, wet winters can wreak havoc on your concrete. With the ongoing expansion and contraction caused by the changing weather, the ground below your driveway, sidewalks, and surrounding your foundation will—over time—begin to shift. If you have a concrete slab in your driveway, sidewalk or basement which is uneven, or even cracking, replacement of that slab is not your only option.

Sunken or Unlevel Pool deck?

RaiseRite repairs pool decks in Wisconsin.

Choose our experienced team to save you time and money! Pool deck leveling is mess free and more affordable than the alternative of resurfacing or re-pouring the pool deck!

Trip hazards and eye sores around a pool deck is fixable with concrete raising!

A pool with concrete raising equipment on sunken or unlevel concrete.

Raise Rite’s innovative 3 step process

for raising and leveling concrete

Drilling through concrete with a power tool.


A man pumping concrete slab.


A person using a trowel to on concrete floor, patching a hole.


Discover the Method in Action

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Concrete Lifting
Lift and level your trip hazards

Power Washing
Bring life back to your dirty old concrete!

Seam Sealing
Protects the joints against water infiltration and erosion

Concrete Sealer
Protects against salt and pitting

When accepting the Deluxe Protection Package, you will receive 10% off these services when individually priced!

Four images demonstrating various methods of cleaning and repairing concrete: concrete lifting, power washing, seam sealing, and concrete sealing

What Our Customers Are Saying!

This company performed when scheduled/promised, they were punctual, professional, and clean. I’ve gotten very fast replies when needed as well. Such a smooth experience! Not to mention, our driveway is finally raised and level! It was HORRIBLE before!
RaiseRite did a great job not to mention saved me from having to replace my driveway and sidewalk. The crew were very efficient and knowledgeable have already referred them to family members and neighbors.