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2013 Season has Started

We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! RaiseRite is proud to announce our season has started.

5-6-13Our crews are out making estimates and helping members of your community improve the health and value of their homes. RaiseRite  is proudly serving Appleton, the Fox Cities, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, and the surrounding communities.

Call 1-877-407-2473 or click the links below for a free estimate.

Raise your concrete

Repair your foundation

Straighten your bowed walls

Waterproof your basement/crawl space

Are you having issues with sunken concrete?

We all want our lawns looking nice and green, flowers to bloom and our homes to be in great shape for the summer.  Don’t forget about your concrete! A sunken slab of concrete can be an unattractive eyesore and a liability keeping you from a safe, beautiful home. Unfortunately, a sunken slab of concrete can decrease the value of your home. Even if you are looking at selling your home, sunken concrete can keep your home from passing inspection.

No worries, RaiseRite has the experts to give the concrete around your home the healthy touch it deserves. RaiseRite is the only company in Wisconsin offering polyurethane concrete raising and mudjacking.

Request a free estimate.

Efficient same day estimates on-site.

Don’t forget about the health of your home’s foundation.

It is important to have a stable foundation for your home.  Sometimes signs of settling can go unnoticed, and if you wait too long, repairing your foundation can become costly and create an unsafe living environment. Some signs of settling are: doors or windows not able to close. diagonal cracks forming off of doors or windows, and basement walls bowing or cracking.

RaiseRite can repair your settling foundation and help you live in safe environment.  We are dedicated to your project, until it is complete.

Request a free estimate.

Do you have a damp, leaky basement/crawl space?

A dry, clean basement/crawl space is a healthy basement/crawl space.  Water damage in your basement can be hard to find, sometimes almost invisible, until it is too late. A waterproofed, dry basement or crawl space will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your entire home.

RaiseRite will install a waterproofing system customized for your home. Our waterproofing system is guaranteed never to clog!

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