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Bridge Approach Concrete Lifting

RaiseRite Concrete Lifting was contacted by a highway construction company to repair two bridge approaches in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Upon inspection of the road it was determined that the sleeper pads on each end of the bridge had settled about one inch. The sleeper pads had approximately 4” of asphalt poured over them. A proposal was written to use high density polyurethane foam to lift the sunken sleeper pads.

RaiseRite arrived on site and drilled 1” holes through the asphalt to reach the 3 foot thick sleeper pads underneath. RaiseRite then drilled 5/8” holes through the sleeper pads and high density foam was injected through the holes and underneath the sleeper pads. Pads were raised and pushed the asphalt up to level with the bridge approach. Roads were immediately opened up for traffic shortly after.

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