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Two Rivers, Wisconsin Seawall Repair

The seawall was constructed with wooden sheeting. With the lake levels down for a few years, this wood dried out and when the levels returned had rotted. This allowed the material behind the wall to erode. As this material eroded, the grade that went up to the house which supported the deck, began to sag.

The homeowner who had many years ago already invested in piering his home for support, was proactive with solutions to repair his riverside home and the beautiful deck he had built. The first quote was for installing new metal sheeting to replace the failing wooden sheeting. He was shocked to find that there was nearly a 2 year waiting list to complete this repair. Quoted just over $190,000, this repair would have taken three months to complete.

RaiseRite Concrete Lifting, Inc., used the Deep Foamjection™ process to stabilize the soil to support the deck and prevent further erosion and loss of soils. Deep Foamjection™ is the process of injecting foam to specified depths to increase the load bearing capacity of the soils. For this project RaiseRite installed 16 injection points approximately 5-10 feet under the ground. The foam used for this project was crucial because a truly hydro-insensitive foam was needed. HMI Hydrofoam was specifically designed for jobs where water or moisture is present.

This 4 lb. per cubic foot foam was designed to set up in the presence of water and to maintain dimensional stability in wet environments. This job was quoted at $10,000, saving the customer $180, 000. This process took the RaiseRite team one day to complete (8 hours) compared to 3 months it would have taken to install a new metal sheet-piling seawall.

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