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A sidewalk with concrete raising equipment, used for municipal DOT concrete raising.

Let us Assist You with Concrete Foundation Repair

Homeowners or building owners

2012 Home Show Schedule

RaiseRite will be exhibiting at the following home shows. Please stop by and ask our estimators any questions you may have about your sidewalk or foundation repair project and request a free estimate. To request a free estimate now, click here to submit your request.  Oshkosh March 9-11th Booth 314

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What concrete can be raised?

What concrete can be raised? Solid slabs of concrete can be raise and stabilized.  Gravel areas or blacktop are unable to be repaired, and need to be replaced or re-installed to remedy settling issues. Slabs of concrete that are too badly cracked, may also be too damaged to lift. If

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Maintenance After Concrete is Raised

Is there any maintenance needed? Now that the work is completed, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to caulk the seams of the sections that were repaired, or backfill against any exposed areas to contain the material, and prevent future sinking. Self-leveling cement caulk can be purchased at a home improvement

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How do you fill the holes?

How do you fill the holes? After the concrete is raised with mudjacking material, a foam plug is inserted into the hole, and the hole is patched over with cement. The concrete is ready for use immediately.  It is however, recommended to allow the patch material to set-up before use,

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