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Maintenance After Concrete is Raised

Is there any maintenance needed?

Now that the work is completed, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to caulk the seams of the sections that were repaired, or backfill against any exposed areas to contain the material, and prevent future sinking.

Self-leveling cement caulk can be purchased at a home improvement store and works great for sealing joints.  Using a silicone based, self-leveling caulk, is recommended.

If a crack is very large, sand can be put down before adding the caulk to the top, to use less material.

Preventing water from going under the slab is key to preserving the repaired slab.  Make sure that your downspouts are correctly placed, to assure water runs away from your concrete slabs or foundation.

Taking these suggested steps for preserving your raised concrete is a condition of your RaiseRite warranty.

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