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Concrete Raising

Elevating Concrete Services for Municipalities
& Department of Transportation

Concrete Raising for Municipalities & D.O.T.

Whether hired individually by residents to raise sections of concrete or executing an entire sidewalk or curb and gutter contract, we have been serving our local municipalities since 1974. 70% of the work we complete is from previous customers referring us to their family and friends!


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A worker repairing a commercial bridge on a road at night, using tools and equipment to fix the structure.

Bridge Approach

When bridges are built, fill is brought in to build the approach on both sides. Due to the basic construction of a bridge approach, it is common for the fill that is used in the approach to settle and shift. This settlement causes the concrete slabs placed on top of it to become uneven, creating a potentially hazardous surface. To fill and provide ongoing stability under the voids, we use either polyurethane foam concrete raising, or mudjacking concrete raising methods.

Roads, Streets, and Highways

Leveling the sunken concrete, filling the voids and stabilizing the slab, is the most cost and time effective, as well as the longest lasting solution. When a road or highway is sunken and uneven, raising and repairing the concrete can be done with minimal disruption. Due to the properties of our concrete raising polyurethane foam, traffic can return to normal immediately after the project is completed.

City Sidewalk Projects

Many municipalities mark vertical sidewalk displacements for residents to repair. Our involvement in repair of these issues can vary throughout the process. When the customer has been notified the repairs are necessary, we will then follow-up with them to offer a free mudjacking/slabjacking estimate. If they choose not to make the repair, we will then work directly with the city to complete the mudjacking/slabjacking project.

Curb and Gutter

The cold winters and settling foundation are common factors in the Midwest that can cause gutters, curbs and sidewalks to shift, sink or rise. This shifting can cause a hazardous environment for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Curb and gutter leveling projects are typically bid by the linear square foot. It is common to contract with a slabjacking company, such as RaiseRite, to repair curbs and gutters, versus paying the extreme cost of replacing the areas. In those areas in which slabjacking may not be ideal, concrete grinding is also an option to remove high spots.

A sidewalk with its concrete cracked and uneven, near vibrant green grass.

Raise Rite’s innovative 3 step process

for raising and leveling concrete

Drilling through concrete with a power tool.


A man pumping concrete slab.


A person using a trowel to on concrete floor, patching a hole.


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