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Bowed Walls

Restore Structural Integrity

Professional Bowed Wall Repair

If a wall is bowed or tilted more than 1 inch, the exterior surrounding your home should be excavated, and your foundation wall should be pushed back into place. After a professional foundation repair contractor has successfully repositioned the foundation wall(s), a non-expansive material is used as fill to prevent future pressure from expansive soil.

For foundation walls that are tilted or bowed less than 1 inch, reinforcement beams can be installed to prevent future movement. These beams act as braces, keeping your walls from bowing further.

When beams are installed to secure your home’s foundation, they are attached to the floor joists and anchored into the footings to hold the wall in place. If there is no available bracing for beam installation, helical tiebacks may be used as an alternative.

For expert bowed wall repair, contact us today to ensure the stability and safety of your home.

Let us Assist You with Concrete Foundation Repair

Homeowners or building owners

New! Foundation Spray Foam

Take the hassle and mess out of tarring your foundation! Takes 1 hour as opposed to one day. Provides a moisture barrier and seals all cracks; even hairline cracks.

If you believe your foundation is compromised and is resulting in bowed walls from the pressure of the outside soil, we recommend you obtain a professional evaluation!