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Void Filling: Green Bay Driveway

A five year old Green Bay property had a six inch void under the driveway slabs. This void was due to a few different factors: poor compaction during construction, and a faulty drainage design where the down spouts would drain on the edge of the concrete and flow back towards the garage. This water then drained under the slab. As the water drained, it washed away the soils. This continued to happen for 5 years when the homeowner noticed the void that had developed.

RaiseRite as called and after discussion with the owner, FillFoam™ void filling foam was chosen to complete this voided area. The customer liked the benefits of being ready to use immediately, FillFoam™ would not wash away like the previous back flll, no heat, and FillFoam™ being environmentally friendly. Three one inch holes were drilled and approximately 1.5 cubic yards of FillFoam™ were installed. The job was completed in less than two hours while the homeowner was at work.

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