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Void Filling: Sturgeon Bay Seawall

PROBLEM: Records water levels in Lake Michigan led to voids behind this 100 ft long seawall in Door County. High waters allowed water to wash up and over the sea wall daily. When this water drains back into the bay, it brings with it some of the soil under the slab. Without the support of this soil, the walkway settled. Because these levels could increase with high winds or additional precipitation, it was important to replace the eroded soils and support the concrete.

SOLUTION: A series of holes approximately 5 feet apart were drilled into the walkway. FillFoam™ was pumped as a flowable foam into one hole until foam traveled up through the next hole. This process continued until the complete void was filled.

SUMMARY: This project was completed in 4 hours and required 900 lbs of FillFoam™ to fill the void that was up to 4 feet deep. This foam filled the void and displaced the water collected under the walkway. The foam will not change shape or wash away like the previous soils did and will not interrupt the natural drainage of water back into the lake. This lightweight solution is also strong with over 20 PSI of strength. After the foam was cured, RaiseRite crews returned to install polyurethane foam to raise the walkway back to the original height.

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